Our Club


The Northern Rays are a semi-professional netball team based in Townsville, North Queensland.  The players will come from the North Queensland geographic area and marquee players from Australia or International backgrounds.

Recruiting young, talented Netballers and giving them the opportunity to play, improve and shine in the HART Sapphire Series

18 Associations North Queensland wide

53 local clubs

8,349 local players + their families

Netball has the highest percentage of female fans under 25 at 66% (comparing Tennis, Basketball, AFL, NRL, Soccer, Cricket, Rugby Union)

Source: Repucom, 2015 Netball Queensland Commercialisation Report

We are STRONG, we are PROUD and we are RISING!

To be a leading sporting organisation, committed to the provision of attainable pathways enabling individuals to achieve their personal best in an inclusive and community-connected environment.

Our Mission

Foster, promote, encourage and develop netball in North Queensland Area.

Contribute to the education, personal development and well-being of young people through their involvement in netball at all levels.

Demonstrate leadership and strong governance through training, education and development to build a strong culture and sense of belonging.

Prepare the next generation of netball players, coaches and officials for an elite professional netball career and inspire future generations of netball players and fans by creating aspirational, local heroes for all North Queenslanders.